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a new apostate

black and white and the occasional shade of grey

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Audrey Mills
20 January
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Audrey recently discovered the world beyond the perimeter of the holy ground she was raised on would not guarantee her a spot in Hell.
She was 'rescued', as the police said.
She was once someone's fourth wife.
She was once a mother of three girls and one boy.
At nineteen-years-old, she's finally figuring out the world might not be as filled with sinners and demons as the preachers always said.
For once in her life, she's dressing with shorter sleeves, wearing her hair down, and donning pants.
She's even going back to school to get her GED.
It's a big step for her, learning to fit in.

Mun, muse and the lovely Jessie Roth are all over eighteen. Audrey is a very AU version of my original character. I am in no way affiliated with the play-by or polygamy cults. All opinions of the character in no way reflect the mun's. This journal is only intended for entertainment's sake.
Adult themes and trigger warnings may apply.

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